Project management is a core service offered by IEI General Contractors. We follow an established process that leverages open lines of communication between our team, the architect, building owner and subcontractors to deliver projects on time and within budget targets.

Value Engineering

Our team brings decades of experience overcoming the variety of challenges that can occur on commercial construction projects. We work with stakeholders to understand the scope and goals of each project, which helps us suggest strategies that maximize the opportunity for excellence.


Communicating and adhering to realistic timelines is an important part of project management, as they can generate a significant amount of stress among project participants. We work to identify any potential issues relating to labor, materials and subcontractor availability so there are no surprises.

Budget Tracking

Building owners appreciate budgets that are accurate rather than a pipe dream. No one likes surprises, especially when it comes to expenses. We use timely information to update budgets as a project’s scope comes into sharper focus, regularly reporting real costs versus budgeted costs.

Quality Assurance and Control

A completed project is something in which the building’s owners should be able to pride. We look around northeastern Wisconsin and take pride in our contributions as well. These illustrations of our workmanship provide opportunities to collaborate with key players on future projects.