Project Management

IEI General Contractors follows an established process that ensures we obtain all the information necessary to successfully complete the project. Communication between our team and the architect, owner and subcontractors establishes mutual trust that helps us meet time and budget targets.


Value Engineering

Our team seeks to understand the scope of the project and goals established by the owner. Our past history provides ample experience to suggest beneficial suggestions.



Time is always a primary consideration, and identifying any potential issues pertaining to labor, materials and subcontractor availability helps us communicate realistic timelines.


Budget Tracking

Our experience enhances our ability to create accurate budgets. These become more defined as the project comes to greater focus. Timely information provides a valuable tool in tracking cost versus the budgeted cost.


Quality Assurance and Control

The completed project is a reflection of our workmanship and provides an opportunity to continue the relationship for future projects. All levels of our management team take pride in the finished project, ensuring the owner a quality product.