The Electrical Workers’ Brotherhood News

February 2016

By the time you are reading this newsletter article, the construction phase of the training center will be complete. We need to thank the construction gods for keeping the winter away long enough for us to be able to complete the building. Special thanks go out to all the tradesmen and women who worked on the building to make this happen. I would personally like to thank Dave Hockers from IEI, he really pushed the job along at a good pace. He made sure everything was done in a professional and timely manner.

The classrooms and lab area are already in use. If you need a class to fulfill your Electrical Licensing requirements, please see the Education Corner for class availability. If you would like to tour the area, please stop in and stroll on through. I hope you are proud of it, because I sure am. I often reflect on where we were just a short time ago at the Labor Temple, to where we are now. It is truly a testament to all of our members’ hard work and dedication. I would personally like to thank all of you.

I would also like to remind everyone DSPS requires all licensing requirements to be turned in by March 31, 2016. If your Electrical License need renewal in 2016, you MUST have all your CEU’s done and turned in by March 31. Please call Local 158 to sign up for classes.

I know the political time of the year is upon us. Please see the quote below and think about it for a minute. Please inform yourself, be true to yourself, and vote.

In Solidarity,

Jesse A Jacques