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IEI delivers value as a facility maintenance contractor

Keep your building in top shape with our wide range of services

Not all projects around your facility rise to the level of requiring a separate building permit. It is for those smaller, as-needed projects that IEI General Contractors delivers continuing value as a facility maintenance contractor in Wisconsin.

Our versatile crews and jobsite foremen have the skill sets, tools and materials to fix virtually any issue that arises on your property. Since one of our specialty services involves commercial concrete work, repairing or replacing non-structural concrete is on our list of can-do projects.

IEI’s role as a facility maintenance contractor provides building owners with a trusted partner in keeping up with the natural wear and tear on a facility. Along with occasional cosmetic upgrades and unforeseen repairs from water leaks and other such issues, our crews can assist with installing new equipment, and upgrade interior and exterior finishes.

A facility maintenance contractor can enhance your efficiencies

One of the most significant benefits in using IEI as your facility maintenance contractor is the ability to get things done quickly and without a flurry of paperwork. Our crews get to know your building inside and out, minimizing disruption, and arriving armed with the knowledge of colors, style and materials on your campus.

We are able to quickly complete tasks such as the repair or replacement of doors and windows. Painting, wall coverings, upgrades to ceilings and siding, even masonry tuck pointing are all included in IEI’s catalog of services.

Our exceptional safety record gives building owners peace of mind in knowing they have a facility maintenance contractor in IEI that adheres to all federal, state and local regulations, with an emphasis on OSHA standards for the construction industry.

About IEI General Contractors, Inc.

IEI General Contractors is a member of the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Wisconsin and has more than 30 years in construction service. IEI has a history of making the construction process a pleasant and low-stress experience for stakeholders in any industry. As a premier construction project management firm, IEI is a proven expert in commercial construction and renovation in northeast Wisconsin.

For more information about IEI General Contractors as your facility maintenance contractor, go to or call 920-337-2111.

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