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Commercial additions and renovations help minimize project costs

IEI’s ability to self-perform many aspects saves time and money

Additions and renovations increasingly make good business sense as business owners look to limit the impact of the rising cost of materials. IEI General Contractors works with architectural firms and other stakeholders to deliver high-value commercial additions and renovations.

Our multi-disciplinary crews are able to self-perform a variety of tasks crucial to the success of commercial additions and renovations. This reduces the number of subcontractors needed, helps maintain consistent quality throughout a project’s timeline, and places workers onsite for faster task transitions.

These diverse abilities come into play in our role as a franchise construction company as well as when completing one-time projects for small businesses. There are times when the expertise required to deliver high-quality commercial additions and renovations can be more challenging than new construction.

Cost-efficient commercial additions and renovations are all Smiles

IEI worked closely with Nolan Carter Architectural Designs to deliver an attractive major remodeling project for De Pere Smiles, a full-service dental clinic located at 1300 W. Main Ave. We completed the 8,152-square-foot project in just 4.5 months at a cost of only $122 per square foot. This is an extremely budget-friendly figure when it comes to commercial additions and renovations.

Our crews contributed to the quick timeline and low cost by self-performing all the demotion, concrete, masonry and carpentry for the project. The scope of the project included six treatment rooms, five hygiene rooms, five infant/toddler specialty rooms and a basement breakroom for employees that is completely separate from the treatment areas of the building.

The installation of all new, state-of-the-art dental equipment required that we maintain clear and constant communication between all the trades and subcontractors in order to keep the project on schedule. In addition to the treatment rooms, the facility also boasts a lab and a wing dedicated to infant/toddler tongue-tie and lactation services.

IEI has built a reputation as experts in commercial additions and renovations in the medical sector. Our experience enables us to complete these projects on time and on budget, and with minimal disruption to service.

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