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IEI makes its mark as a leading franchise construction company

Retail, healthcare, banking sectors highlight areas of specialty

Business and retail franchises appreciate predictability. It helps them generate business plans, create forecasts, and maximize efficiencies. IEI General Contractors plays a significant role in creating these comfort zones as a leading franchise construction company in Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest.

“We understand the importance of consistency in our role as a franchise construction company,” says Chris Berg, president of IEI. “Our customers value our team’s ability to meet expectations and deliver high-quality projects on time and on budget.”

Whether the project involves healthcare construction, retail stores or other multi-facility projects, we understand our job as a franchise construction company is to make the lives of our customer contacts easier rather than more complex. Communication is a key component to that dynamic, and our project managers maintain open channels throughout the construction period.

Franchise construction companies leverage design efficiencies

One of the primary benefits IEI brings to the table as a franchise construction company is our ability to learn from each project we complete with a customer. Despite the similarity of engineering concepts and architectural designs from project to project, inevitably variations occur that can create delays when a new general contractor is involved.

This is especially true during remodel and addition projects, when our extensive knowledge of the customer’s expectations maximizes our effectiveness. There is no learning curve required when it comes to understanding a customer’s quality control standards or, in the case of healthcare projects, cleanliness and infection control.

IEI has served as general contractor and self-performed a variety of tasks as a franchise construction company for respected brands including Menards, Associated Bank, the former Shopko stores, Bellin Health, and Hospital Sisters Health System. Our customers can feel confident in the training we bring to every project as a union commercial contractor.

About IEI General Contractors, Inc.

IEI General Contractors is a member of the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Wisconsin and has more than 30 years in construction service. IEI has a history of making the construction process a pleasant and low-stress experience for stakeholders in any industry. As a premier construction project management firm, IEI is a proven expert in commercial construction and renovation in northeast Wisconsin.

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