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Concrete construction projects come in all sizes

IEI General Contractors self-performs a wide range of concrete construction

IEI General Contractors performs high-quality concrete construction as a stand-alone service in addition to supplementing our general commercial contracting services. Two such projects this year illustrate how different concrete construction projects can be.

IEI completed several large concrete tanks at three corporate farms in Wisconsin for use in manure digesting operations. Anaerobic manure digestion is a process that transforms livestock waste into energy that can power farm operations. The process captures gases released during the breakdown of organic material.

These massive concrete construction projects featured four tanks for a farm near Luxemburg, four near Rosendale, and two in New Chester. The tanks measure 40 feet in diameter and stand 16 feet tall, and we completed during the spring of 2020.

Concrete construction can deliver small-scale stability

The term “concrete construction” brings with it an image of large projects and big buildings. That’s not always the case, as evidenced by IEI’s efforts to improve the family experience at Unity Hospice in De Pere, Wisconsin.

IEI is donating all time and materials for the concrete construction of approximately 35 pads to hold commemorative granite benches. Families have the opportunity to buy a bench in memory of their loved one, as well as named bricks inserted into the concrete pads. The concrete is an upgrade from the previous asphalt bases, which had a tendency to soften in the hot sun and make the benches tilt.

Concrete construction, masonry and carpentry are some of the self-performed work IEI completes for many of our general commercial contracting projects.

Acuity Insurance recognizes IEI for its safety record

Acuity Insurance has notified IEI that we have qualified to receive a safety award in recognition of our outstanding long-term safety achievements and focus on providing safe working conditions for employees.

All of IEI’s foremen are OSHA 30-certified. These frontline leaders contribute to our safety-oriented culture, including toolbox talks on safety topics with our field teams. We bring this focus on safety to the concrete construction work we perform throughout the region, making us a comfortable fit for owners and architects alike.

About IEI General Contractors, Inc.

IEI General Contractors is a member of the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Wisconsin and has more than 30 years in construction service. IEI has a history of making the construction process a pleasant and low-stress experience for stakeholders in any industry. As a premier construction project management firm, IEI is a proven expert in commercial construction and renovation in northeast Wisconsin.

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