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Construction estimates in Green Bay require preliminary decisions

IEI General Contractors works with clients to arrive at a final budget

Arriving at accurate construction estimates can be a long and winding road as building owners and other stakeholders come to conclusions about the scope of their project. IEI General Contractors Inc., assists clients through a planning process that often can stretch six months or more before final construction documents are ready.

The first step in the construction estimates process involves determining what type of project will meet the client’s needs. This could involve a new building, an addition to an existing structure or even a remodeling effort.

“Once the client has an idea of which direction they want to go, we can put together a high-level budget to see if it is financially feasible for them,” explains Brandon Martzke, vice president for IEI General Contractors. “We use square footage numbers and historical data from past projects as tools in crafting these early construction estimates.”

Construction estimates progress through multiple plan versions

Once a project estimate is in the ballpark of the target budget set by the owner, the next step in the construction estimate process is to engage the architectural and engineering partners. It is common for projects to progress through different versions of the plans as owners make decisions on which aspects they want left in and which they can live without.

The general contractor may reach out to subcontractors for pricing during this stage to assist decision makers in making revisions and working toward a final set of construction documents. Once those final plans are complete, the permitting and state review process can take place.

“It can take a month or two before the building permits are issued and we’re able to order materials,” Martzke says. “The overall time frame depends on the project, but we suggest preparing for a good six months or more in the planning stage as part of the construction estimates process before groundbreaking can take place.”

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