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Franchise construction in Wisconsin returns to trusted contractors

IEI General Contractors has completed multiple projects for Associated Bank, Menards

Business and retail operations with multiple locations are similar to any construction client in that the people responsible for project management appreciate a level of familiarity with the general contractors with whom they work. IEI General Contractors, Inc. has earned a level of trust with Menards, Associated Bank and others that has resulted in long-term franchise construction relationships.

IEI General Contractors has completed franchise construction projects for Associated Bank, including its new $2.2 million West De Pere branch office and renovation of the former Regency Suites in downtown Green Bay into its new headquarters. In addition to serving as general contractor, IEI completed the interior demolition and carpentry work on the corporate headquarters project.

“We have worked on numerous projects with IEI during my time here,” says Tammy Leemon, project manager for CBRE Group, Inc., a consulting firm that handles project and facility management for Associated Bank. “IEI is good with schedules, keeping us informed and their projects are completed on time.”

Franchise construction benefits from established relationships

Regardless of how large the client, at the core there are still people who are making decisions pertaining to franchise construction partners. The fact is that IEI General Contractors has a reputation of providing exceptional performance gives decision makers one less thing to worry about.

“Sometimes Associated Bank even gives projects directly to IEI rather than sending them out for bid because of their past performance and the comfort level of working with them.” Leemon explains.

IEI General Contractors has completed franchise construction projects for other businesses throughout northeastern Wisconsin. One such customer has been Menards. IEI served as the on-site retail contractor for the Eau Claire-based home improvement company’s franchise construction projects in the Green Bay area and Sheboygan, and also contributed concrete, masonry, carpentry and other services.

About IEI General Contractors, Inc.

IEI General Contractors is a member of the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Wisconsin and has more than 30 years in construction service. IEI has a history of making the construction process a pleasant and low-stress experience for stakeholders in any industry. As a premier construction project management firm, IEI is a proven expert in commercial construction and renovation in northeast Wisconsin.

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