Appleton International Airport

Appleton International Airport

IEI General Contractors Has Its Day in the Sun

Appleton, Wisconsin

Green Bay-based electrical contractor Eland Electric has tabbed the concrete expertise of IEI General Contractors for several commercial and residential solar power construction projects throughout northeast Wisconsin. The largest of those projects were twin 115-kilowatt carports at Appleton International Airport.

The need for expert concrete work to support solar panels and other foundational structures is becoming increasingly important as solar power continues to serve as a significant energy source for businesses and homes throughout northeastern and central Wisconsin. Eland Electric, a regional leader in solar array installation, counts on IEI General Contractors to perform all of its concrete support work for ground-mounted solar power construction projects.

The companies’ biggest solar power construction project to date involved a pair of 190 x 40-foot carports at Appleton International Airport in 2017. The carports stand 13 feet off the ground and provide protection for approximately 40 vehicles each in the short-term lot. The airport was one of 10 nationwide selected by the FAA to complete a sustainable master plan.

IEI crews prepared the site with 22 concrete footings comprised of 20 yards of concrete apiece. The bulk of the concrete is below grade and anchors the massive canopies against the stresses of strong winds. IEI also completed the earthwork and asphalt paving involved with finishing the project.